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Our services.

We create software, like so many others. It is why and how we do it that makes us different.

We are consultants, and our offering is our team's time, knowledge and engagement. That offering comes in many forms:

  • Small delivery team.

  • Coaching, training and workshops.

  • Analysis, recommendations and advisory.

The problems we solve vary endlessly since our chosen speciality is software, agnostic to any domain, sector or technological paradigm. Regardless, these are our three main services:

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Thought Leader Collaboration

This is where we team up with esteemed peers in our network to offer workshops on topics and areas we believe can elevate the excellence of software development in one way or another.

Current opportunities:

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Business oriented architects

We are software architects. And we code. Every line of code has a purpose: to maximize value to the business it serves. To achieve this, we stick to a few simple principles: understand the business problem, find the bottleneck and collaborate toward the goal. The output is pragmatic, adaptable, and sustainable solutions in code. The outcome is business value leveraged to a factor of 10.

Example of how we can help:

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Sustainable tech

If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. That goes for software as well! We create code and are committed to making it contribute to a more sustainable world. There are three ways: optimize code for minimized negative impact, optimize business models for reduced negative impact and disrupt business models for maximized positive impact! Ourselves? We try! We have challenged ourselves to be the premium software consultancy with the lowest CO2e emission per consultant hour.

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Implementing platform strategies

Not all business models are created equal. The holy grail of strategies is platform strategies. Going from single-directed pipeline value chains to multi-directed networks of producers and consumers that make value together has the potential of exponential return on investment. But beware! Complexity is high, and predictability is low. An outstanding core platform architecture defines your capability to explore and increase network effects quickly, adaptively and continuously.

Do you want to learn more?

We would love to meet up and talk about how we could maximize value, minimize code, solve bottlenecks and find leverage to the factor of 10 for your business. Please contact Jimmy today!

Jimmy Nilsson

Jimmy Nilsson

CEO & Consultant